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Automation : Textractor

Humans have started developing machines to perform boring and repetitive jobs for more than a century. The horse-and-buggy is no longer used today for commuting because we have better alternate options such as cars, bikes. We, as humans, have a natural tendency to create inventions to take care of manual and boring tasks. We thrive to not only invent the things to automate the tasks but also to go for the faster and cheaper options to save the cost as well time. 


  • Improve process control 
  • Improve the quality and consistency.
  • Improve the operational efficiency
  • Reduce tedious tasks saving the cost and time both.
  • Reduce TAT
  • Make efficient, easy to deploy and scalable systems for end consumers.


  • Use  different AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques and sufficient amounts of data, make machines learn and imitate human tasks efficiently.  These techniques can mimic human intelligence and perform the manual tasks to save the cost and time. 
  • Building various automation system for different manual operations such as data entry work
  • Transform the business by handling the manual business processes in an automated way .

Guiding Principles

  • Making use of open source tools and softwares for end to end development
  • Flexibility in configuration and deployment
  • Cloud Compatible solution
  • Easy to Integrate 


  • Open source based solution
  • High Dimensional Scalability
  • Intelligent Text extraction 
  • Multilingual efficiency 
  • Customization


  • Reduction in manual work 
  • Higher accuracy 
  • Cost effective
  • No manual intervention
  • Cost optimization
  • Many client has leveraged our baseline product  Textractor and have successfully implemented :

    • Legal : Data Extraction from cause list using AI    
    • Logistic : Data Extraction from Invoice using AI                              
    • Finance : Data Extraction from financial report using AI (Danish Language)