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AI in Talent Acquisition

The overwhelming acquisition of AI can be linked  to many  of its benefits which focuses mainly on making recruitment easier, more accurate, and efficient. Artificial Intelligence  empowers  recruiters and hiring managers to assess or examine  and interview candidates with much ease as compared to traditional ways of recruiting candidates in any corporate industry 

According to the survey,

“96% of Human Resource Managers believe that Artificial Intelligence can improve talent acquisition and retention significantly.”

For the last many years, searching for the right candidate in large talent pools or off campus pools has been highlighted as one of the biggest barriers in hiring top talent as employees are the company’s most important asset. Artificial Intelligence has been evolved accordingly to solve  this problem. Enforcing  artificial intelligence in talent acquisition goes beyond accessing candidate data, but rather leveraging it at scale —helping companies to  find the best candidate for the job.

As every candidate tries to give his best through all the interviews, screenings, tech and coding challenges, then “ How can we predict someone’s performance using AI with less human intervention?” is a kind of challenge before any recruitment team of a company. 

The solution to that is the smartest recruiters and HR managers would start gathering resumes,CVs, performance reviews, work product, any information at all about highly successful people that already work for them and plug that into an ML algorithm to figure out what you are looking for.The ML algorithm can then help to filter what hiring managers should be looking for.

AI technology in talent acquisition has transformed and improved many traditional processes but human intervention  is still essential as bringing the right person onboard is an important part of long-term business success.

AI has the potential to establish what a successful employee in a specific position has done, and look for candidates with backgrounds that match up with those workers. It can identify certain qualifications,skills, work experience and other factors that suggest a candidate has the background to match the top performers at your organization.

We can use AI in recruiting process through many ways .Some of them are elaborated below:

1. Candidate Screening

There might be chances for the recruitment team to miss out on selecting  potential candidates if they are dealing with 1000s of candidates per job. Here  Artificial intelligence can help talent acquisition teams by screening the applicant resume or profile completely , and providing a score to every applicant profile on the basis of their potential. 

Later these scores and screened profile information of applicants can be saved for further process and the recruitment team can deal with potential candidates having high scores provided by AI which can save the recruitment teams countless screening hours instead they can spend more time to focus on hiring  top and potential  talent. 

AI can also be used to  increase candidate engagement  by automatically sending emails, assessments links and solving queries of candidates while appearing assessment through chatbot.

2. Candidate Sourcing

AI can make the process and outcomes of candidate sourcing easy and efficient because AI provides the ability  to process data at scale, the reach is broader and the process of building talent pools or off-campus pools gets faster. For example, about 10M profiles can be crawled and scanned online more  quickly as AI contributes in removing the difficult and time-consuming task of sourcing for candidates on social media platforms , job boards, or checking online resumes. 

3. Data Collection

  • AI–based recruiting chatbots and assistants provide an efficient way to collect data from candidates .

  • Extracted candidate significant information through their profiles or resumes  and screening details can be gathered  via AI-chatbot  and AI-based resume screening system and can share those data  with talent acquisition team for further process.

  • Automating the process of screening resumes and profiles along with providing relevant scoring  can save talent acquisition teams the long process of screening, sending emails, and so on . 


The most important  benefit of AI in the recruitment process is  it will save any organization’s Human Resource department time. These hours can then be spent working to solve more complicated issues that need human intervention.

The emergence of AI in the talent acquisition process is evident, especially among the companies who  prioritize the quality of their hires, workforce diversity, and recruiter efficiency.  Artificial intelligence and ML technologies have helped in  reducing recruiting costs and the most  time consuming task of screening candidates profiles or resumes.

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