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Pros and Cons of using AI for Hiring

In the past few years, the involvement of Artificial intelligence in certain industries has proved to be beneficial as well as chaotic at the same time. By introducing AI, the vision was to simplify human life. For example assisting chatbots in healthcare, etc. The same vision was also applied on the hiring process of a candidate to reduce workload and increase efficiency of a hiring process.


As seen through records, the complete hiring process is a gruesome and tiring task for an individual. Reading a resume multiple times, searching for perfect matching skills and memorising the important and relevant information, based on that making decisions to interview or hire them is another task.

So, for those reasons to simplify the hiring process to some extent AI was introduced in this industry to help speed up the process and find the right candidate for the job.

But we know that with technology there are both, pros and cons, aspects of it in an industry. Let’s look at some of the upside and downside of AI in the hiring process.


  • Candidate Sourcing

AI can help in finding and sourcing the right talent for the job by extracting the information of an individual who might be the best fit for the role and interested in it, thus, helps in reducing the time in going through the whole gruesome process and helping the hiring manager by letting them focus on other important aspects.

  • Increase in diversity hiring

Human nature can not be changed, thus, humans can be biassed without realising by making hiring decisions on gender, race, ethnicity, age, etc. So, with AI intervention, the algorithm will only process the whole resume depending on the candidate’s skills, work experience, and qualifications.

  • Increasing efficiency

Reading and analysing hundreds of resumes in a day to hunt for the best candidate for the job is one of the main challenges faced by the HR recruiters. Thus, with AI powered resume scanning, sorting and scoring systems those obstacles in the hiring process get eliminated and a smooth and easy environment is created for them to make some important decisions on hiring a candidate accordingly.

A fully automated hiring process with the inclusion of an end-to-end hiring step has been adopted by world’s biggest companies who receive about 50,000 to 100,000 resumes a day.

  • Improving candidate engagement

The main drawbacks a candidate faces is the lack of communication from the hiring managers. Not having time to reply to a candidate results in poor candidate experience and engagements. So, with the introduction of chatbots or virtual assistants, the candidates get a better experience in interaction and response time, and keep them engaged and posted through the whole recruitment process.


  • Unpredictability on accuracy and reliability

The major issue with these AI-based hiring systems is the lack of accuracy and reliability as they can be easily confused by formatting options. For example, an applicant might be good for the role that recruiters seek, but due to irrelevant resume formatting according to the AI powered hiring system may fail for its resume to be qualified.

  • Keyword dependency

The next main issue with AI powered hiring systems is its dependency on certain keywords to scan through their pile of candidates. This can be a problem with those candidates who know how to find a loophole and outsmart the system in which AI is programmed. They may include certain keywords that have the potential to trick the system and qualify themselves as good fits for various positions, even though they are not.

  • Lack in human judgement

To have a diverse workforce, using an AI in its hiring process may not help that much as the candidates with atypical work experience may be the best fit for the position depending on the personality, personal interests, character and work ethics. This requires human judgement, and thus using an AI in this sense can greatly reduce the diversity in a workforce.


Given the advantages, many high-performing recruiting teams are leveraging AI to improve their hiring process. Though there are some downsides to modern AI, the positives can be worth the risk to identify the right applications for the hiring process. Whether to focus on creating a more efficient candidate outreach program, or improve the interviews with personality insights, AI can make a significant impact for building a strong team.

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