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Fraud Analytics


Attacks occur over the client’s lifecycle, and each kind of exchange is in danger. Our undertaking wide methodology conveys arrangements that tackle misrepresentation at each point, including: 

  • Application and personality extortion — Prevent fraudsters from utilizing taken or engineered characters to open records, ceaselessly great clients from going along with you. 
  • Exchange misrepresentation — Stop fraudsters before misfortune happens and help authentic clients complete their exchanges without interference. Regardless of whether it’s a card exchange or an installment from a record, check continuously that it’s real and make suitable move as fast as could reasonably be expected. 
  • Record takeover misrepresentation — Protect your association and your clients from fraudsters who attempt to assume control over records to take from or misuse them.


AI helps information researchers effectively figure out which transactions are destined to be fake, while altogether diminishing bogus positives. Whenever done appropriately, AI can plainly recognize genuine and deceitful practices while adjusting after some time to new, already concealed extortion strategies.

Our answers for extortion, all layer progressed investigation, man-made reasoning and AI innovation to convey:

  • Reliable, precise discovery of hazard, while keeping bogus positive rates low. 
  • Quick variation to steady change, with less manual exertion.
  • Prioritization of cases for practical and productive administration. 
  • Lower operational expenses through expanded mechanization. 
  • As these controls keep on uniting, we uphold our clients with an arrangement of arrangements that work over the money related wrongdoing range to assist you with conveying a signed up procedure.

How It Works

Real-time Behavioural Profiles
Supervised Machine Learning
Unsupervised Machine Learning
Adaptive Analytics
Facial Recognition

Few biometric innovations are starting our creative mind very like face acknowledgment.

Similarly, its appearance has incited significant concerns and astounding responses in 2019 and mid 2020.

However, more about that later.

There are different face recognition truth and patterns set to shape the scene in 2020.

  • Top advances and suppliers
  • Computer based intelligence sway –
  • Getting better constantly.
  • 2019-2024 business sectors and prevailing use-cases
  • Face acknowledgment in China, India, United States, EU, and the UK, Brazil, Russia…
  • Protection versus security: free enterprise or freeze, direct, or boycott?
  • Most recent hacks: can facial acknowledgment be tricked?
  • Pushing ahead: towards hybridized arrangements.

We should hop directly in.

Facial recognition is the way toward recognizing or checking the personality of an individual utilizing their face. It catches, breaks down, and thinks about examples dependent on the individual’s facial subtleties.

The face recognition measure is a basic advance as it distinguishes and finds human appearances in pictures and recordings.

The face catch measure changes simple data (a face) into a bunch of computerized data (information) in view of the individual’s facial highlights.

The face coordinate cycle checks if two faces have a place with a similar individual.

Today it’s viewed as the most regular of all biometric estimations.

Furthermore, for a valid justification – we perceive ourselves not by taking a gander at our fingerprints or irises, for instance, yet by taking a gander at our countenances.

Product Details
Cognitive Froud Analytics
Falcon Intelligence Network
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Any data , Any Channel

The RTP® network from The Clearing House is a real-time payments platform that all federally insured U.S. depository institutions are eligible to use for payments innovation. With mobile technology and digital commerce driving the need for safer and faster payments in the U.S., financial institutions of all sizes are taking advantage of the RTP network’s capabilities to create or enhance digital services for their corporate and retail customers.

People appreciate convenience and access to anytime, anywhere money movement – strong value propositions for person-to-person payments. Recently released research from Fiserv shows security is also important in attracting new P2P users.

The rise of mobile wallets can be attributed to the adoption of this new payment technology by banks and Fintech companies. In this fast-moving digital wallet environment, where transactions and fraud intersect, there are several ramifications for financial institutions and user experience. Paygilant SmartRISK fraud detection and prevention allow digital and mobile wallet providers to minimize fraud-related losses, increasing customer adoption abandonment.
The Credit Card Fraud Detection Problem includes modeling past credit card transactions with the knowledge of the ones that turned out to be fraud. This model is then used to identify whether a new transaction is fraudulent or not.
The cardholder is physically present along with the card at the point of purchase. This means that the track data encoded on the magnetic stripe at the back of the credit card can be read by a magnetic stripe reader and sent to the Authorize.Net Card Present System.
Information penetrates and modern social designing are driving increments in Account Takeover (ATO) misrepresentation. Put forth a concentrated effort learning AI to pinpoint signs of cross-channel hazard, before reserves are moved.
Influence licensed profiling innovation to battle dealer securing extortion with alarms to high-chance shippers and MCCs. Screen settlements and chargebacks.