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Chatbots are the fastest response means to communicate with your customers. This step can lead to time and cost savings for both businesses and customers.AI based chatbot can also  help the farmers to get agricultural information efficiently,economically and in real time.

 Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy which contributes 17-18% to GDP and farmers play a vital role in agriculture. In this modern era,the use of new technology and farming practices have been replaced by traditional methods of farming.



  • To provide the first level support to farmers and Agro Experts through KISAN ASSIST  which can serve farmers queries and provides real time solutions. 
  • To replace the time consuming traditional way of solving queries of farmers by providing AI solutions.
  • Farmers eagerly sought weather information, as rains can wash away expensive sprayed pesticides so instead of relying on radios or KCC, AI can provide current climatic conditions in a span of seconds.
  • To provide all the correct and important information  related to agricultural activities and farmers such as schemes, crop insurance, subsidy loan ,weekly advisory  provided by Government of India in just one click using AI.


  • To design AI-enabled chatbots which will understand and handle  the farmers’ s  queries related to agricultural practices.
  • Design a user-friendly UI for chatbot which can be easily integrated with any website or application.
  • Provide features like weather related information, crop insurance and schemes related information ,loan related information and so on ,on one single click.
  • Saving time of both farmers and KCC by providing first level support.

Guiding Principles

  • Voice-input facility using speech recogniser
  • Using semantic similarity,transformers in NLP , farmers queries are matched with trained intents and respective responses are provided.
  • UI of chatbot  can be integrated easily on any application
  • Current weather information of particular district is provided using weather api
  • Government schemes and subsidy loan information is provided using official government websites.
  • Crop related information such as suitable soil,suitable sowing time,suitable fertilizer and irrigation and suitable harvesting time are also provided using KCC data.
  • Minimal human intervention.


  • KISAN Assist provides complete weather related information including humidity, wind speed, temperature of particular district farmer needs.
  • KISAN Assist also provides information related to suitable climate,suitable soil,best sowing time,what fertilizer to be used,when to do irrigation and harvesting of particular crops .
  • KISAN Assist also provides advisory related to agriculture provided by the Government of India on weekly basis
  • KISAN Assist provides all kinds of loan information on every agricultural equipment provided by the Government of India.
  • KISAN Assist also provides all the government schemes related to farmers and agricultural practices such as Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi and so on


  • KISAN Assist provides current weather related information which help farmers to decide when to do sowing or harvesting.
  • KISAN Assist also provides government advisory for agriculture,loan information,schemes provided by the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA .
  • It can handle multiple conversation at a time and provides 24*7 service .
  • Error-free service and less human intervention
  • Voice input service along with textual input 
  • Provides solutions in real time same as support team with good accuracy.