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Natural Language Processing

Making computers understand human languages is not a new quest. Generally, natural language processing is a specialized form of AI technology that recognizes and understands natural human languages. Written or verbal human speech can be transformed into a form that machines are able to understand through NLP techniques. But what is the purpose of making machines learn the human language? The answer is, the huge amount of unstructured data. For businesses, it is crucial to make use of the textual information in order to solve various business problems starting from language translation to chatbots and social media analysis.

The powerful fusion of deep learning frameworks and NLP can solve some complex business problems regarding natural language understanding.

Natural Language Understanding  (Text-to-Code) is one of our developments using NLP which converts natural language sentences into executable code to perform the respective coding operations.  

Coding or programming can become difficult sometimes for business persons with minimal coding experience. One might have to rely on a programmer or research for hours for even simple code and the respective logic. 

Text-to-Code executes the predefined set of codes just by entering natural language sentences.

For example, a user might want to plot some graph for analysis purposes on a dataset he has. In Text-to-Code he will just write in the relevant statement, and then the custom engine will automatically execute the stored code for the same.

With sufficient amounts of data,  this base version can be trained to convert natural language to code similar to performance of a GPT-3 model.


  • Save time and cost of programming by making auto coding available for end users for performing specific tasks..
  • Create environments to let users explore the various programming abilities easily. E.g. Creating Visualisations from data, Data Manipulation, Feature engineering etc


  • End users with a non coding background can perform code intensive operations and Visualize .
  • Changing non technical working environments into technical ones rapidly.

Guiding Principles

  • Making use of open source tools and software’s for end to end development.
  • Flexibility in configuration and deployment
  • Cloud Compatible solution
  • Quality of Data


  • Natural Language to Code
  • Can invoke code the for same text written in multiple ways
  • High Accuracy with advanced configuration
  • Automatic PPT creation
  • Base version ready for advance customization as per the need


  • Flexible with core programming languages
  • Deployment flexibility
  • PPT Conversion
  • Conditional Statement Handling
  • Easy to handle

Other than text to code we have developed multiple frameworks  .That is being consumed by multiple global clients – 

  1. Handwriting Recognizer   
  2. Text Summarization 
  3. Q and A Model  
  4. Language Modeling