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Our human brain is fascinated by colors,different shapes,different styles, instead of capturing the records present in tables or reports. It’s way easier for the non-technical creatures to memorize from the picture insights. In health care development, if a dataset of covid is represented in front of the general public they might not be encouraged, but at the same time a graph can be proved more recognizable and creative. Visualization tools  provide us with a handy and easy way to get the hidden trends, patterns, outliers etc from the data, it highlights the area to be improved and deals with different scenarios with some or no adjustments.

How We Do It

Agile Based Delivery

AitoBi’s ability to execute in the big data domain using agile methodologies is well-recognized in the industry. We process our project agile based delivery and regular feedback . The Agile Delivery Model is an ever-evolving process that offers businesses greater flexibility and faster project delivery times.

Delivery Process 

We bring together  Domain knowledge , engineering expertise and agile processes to ensure delivery at best . The scoping phase begins with the needs and requirements of the business problem. The thought process must be heavily data-informed and lie heavily with the data science team to define the realistic project scope.

The research phase enables us to draw from the foundations built by data and science. This final solution restricts excellent research to short-term application-specific challenges to designing, algorithm selection and validation methods such as models and agreed metrics.

Accelerators and Platforms

Most commonly used tools for data visualisation are Tableau ,Power BI Kibana , Looker . 

Tableau provides interactive visual analytics in the form of dashboards. These dashboards make it easier for non-technical people and end users to convert data into understandable and interactive graphics.

On the other hand we have our platforms which can be customized as per the purpose and KPI for business problems . 

Our team has domain experience , skilled engineers and scientists who work on the latest technologies  and deliver the requirements in an agile model .